Reasearch & Development Tax Relief & Tax Credits

HMRC enquiries into Research & Developments (R&D) claims are on the rise

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Where we share our
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R&D (research and development) tax relief is available to companies carrying out qualifying research and development activities. Friend Partnership has substantial experience and a 100% success rate of helping companies to successfully claim R&D tax relief

R&D Tax Relief Services

The main features of R&D tax relief are:

The company must be carrying out R&D activities, as defined

There are different regimes for large and small/medium sized companies

Enhanced corporation tax deduction of up to 230% of revenue expenditure on R&D for SMEs

Payable credit of 14.5% of any R&D tax losses which are surrendered for SMEs

100% capital allowances for any R&D capital expenditure

There is an above the line approach for large companies

Only certain costs qualify for relief

The main features of R&D tax relief are:

Identify qualifying activities

Identify qualifying costs

Deal with HMRC enquiries

Maximise your claim(s)

Secure tax payments from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

HMRC have a specific R&D task force

In March 2021, HMRC proudly announced the creation of their R&D task force. Its job is to undertake enquiries into R&D claims that companies have made to ensure that they are not fraudulent or incorrect.

HMRC knows that there have been “abusive R&D claims” either as a result of negligence or dishonesty. HMRC’s estimate of the loss due to incorrect or fraudulent claims tops £600 million – and they want it back.

My claim has been accepted, so I’m in the clear, right?

checking the finer print
HMRC operates a “process now, check later” approach to claims. Unfortunately, we are now very much in the checking phase and due to increases in their R&D investigation manpower the number of investigations is on the increase.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Excessive or incorrect claims will be disallowed. Repayment of any tax refunds will be sort, along with a penalty which in extreme cases could be equivalent to 100% of the tax at stake.

You need expert advice and assistance in these situations

Friend Partnership have been dealing with R&D tax credits for over 20 years, since their introduction back in 2000. We have gained a detailed understanding of the R&D tax credit system. This depth of knowledge and experience, coupled with our successful track record defending clients from HMRC enquiries in all areas of tax and accounting, makes us worthy of an hour or so of your time for a no obligation chat about your current situation.

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